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“Fighting racial and gender injustices is a multi-faceted approach, and our fight is within the STEM industry.”
– Adamaka Ajaelo, Founding Executive Director

Our Vision

Self-eSTEM’s vision is to create a sustainable supply of underrepresented minority women leaders who are recognized as a viable source of top talent and innovation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

We are changing the face and culture of STEM innovation!

Our Mission

Self-eSTEM builds the self-esteem of girls and young women from untapped communities, while providing interactive, culturally responsive STEM literacy, leadership, and technical training to leverage STEM as a foundation for social and economic growth.

Beyond the confines of traditional STEM roles and spaces that exist today, our organization focuses on building the skills, confidence, and resilience needed for our participants to adapt to the STEM workforce of the future.

We are building and diversifying the next generation of STEM innovators and entrepreneurs to disrupt the world!

STEM Mode Swag

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We Are Scientists Pin

This pin symbolizes how representation is critical for scientific progress. Engaging with scientists of different social and political identities pushes the field to ask different questions, leading to new insights that help us better understand ourselves and each other.

40% of all proceeds of our We Are Scientists pin will be donated to Self-eSTEM – an incredible organization not only dedicated to sparking STEM curiosity in young girls, but also empowering them to use their unique perspectives and be leaders in STEM fields.

2021 Virtual STEM Exploration Camp

  • Date: Monday, July 12 – Saturday, July 17, 2021
  • Hours: 9:00am – 12:00pm PST (hours subject to minor changes)
  • Location: Virtual via Zoom
  • Theme: Building a DREAM through STEAM!
  • Description: As the world adapts to the global pandemic, robotics and automation will be the “new normal.” The World Economic Forum (WEF) shared a recent report that “a new generation of smart machines, fueled by rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, could potentially replace a large proportion of existing human jobs.” WEF stated “automation will replace about 85 million jobs by 2025,… and… the future tech-driven economy will create 97 million new jobs,” (
  • Participants will engage in activities that explore each pillar of STEAM using fun robots as an autonomous (self-driving) vehicle. Students are engaged in problem-based learning and critical thinking as they learn how to control their small vehicle with coding and problem-solving while they apply new concepts to solve real-world problems. As an integrated STEAM camp, the lessons include the application of math, NGSS science, arts and ELA embedded in technology and engineering. Coding with robots introduces critical thinking, problem solving, the scientific method, algorithms, and more! Girls will continue to practice Self-eSTEM’s 21st century skills and principles by presenting their work to peers and community partners. There will be fun, interactive games and art activities.
  • By the end of camp, the participants will achieve the following learning objectives:
    • Increase knowledge and awareness of the scientific method, engineering design cycle, autonomous cars, and robots
    • Gain hands-on experience in how robots are assembled, controlled, and programmed.
    • Improve their tech and math skills through the application of Computer Science principles by creating and coding their very own robots
    • Strengthen their social-emotional skills to build confidence, collaborate with others, and drive make better decision-making

Our Philosophy

We seek to eliminate the critical shortage gap of STEM professionals by building diverse, inclusive, equitable and sustainable workforce pipelines comprised of underrepresented minority women. By attracting, training, and retaining girls (ages 7 – 17) and young women (ages 18 – 25) from untapped communities, we create thriving learning environments where individuals have access to STEM educational and career pathways. Participants in our programs will develop the critical and systems thinking skills needed to meet the demands of the future workforce.

We leverage an integrated approach to provide support from early education to post-secondary education, and post-secondary to early career. Our learning approach and curriculum design incorporates Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS), but is distinctive from the traditional classroom learning style. We leverage design thinking principles to develop innovative curriculum that demystifies STEM concepts by making it applicable to participants’ interest or daily experiences, and allowing them to feel safe to learn.

Our program service offerings apply a holistic approach, focusing on building STEM literacy skills, self-esteem and resiliency for success in life and within the STEM workforce pipeline.

All of our program service offerings are FREE!

Program Scorecard

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