A Letter From Our Executive Director

Dear Parents/Guardians and Corporate/Community Partners,

While all of our lives have completely changed due to COVID-19 and the “shelter in place” order, we here at Self-eSTEM have been working (from home) diligently to provide ways to support our participants and families! Circumstances have led us to alter the way many of us have traditionally seen and practiced education. However, this doesn’t mean that learning needs to stop. In fact, Self-eSTEM sees this as a way to get our participants even more motivated to be a part of the change we wish to see in this world.

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COVID19 Resources*

Resources for Families

Below are links for utilities support and resources:

California Eviction Moratorium

PG&E Suspension of Gas and Electric Shut-offs & Flexible Payment Plans

We encourage you to check your local City and County websites for additional resources.

Free Resources helping individuals and families access the resources they need to improve their lives and achieve social and economic mobility.

IRS and Tax Filing Information

Communicating with Companies Regarding Outstanding Payments

Below are links to additional technology (computer and internet resources):

TechExchange – Or Text 510-866-2260

Programs for Low-Income Internet

Internet Resources

Resources for Small Business Owners

Federal & State Small Business Loans & Grants available  

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended all aspects of life around the world, including the world of business here in the U.S.  The CARES Act allocated billions of dollars in funds to go towards helping small businesses in the form of loans and grants.  Not only did the federal government provide funds, many state and local programs were put in place to help small businesses stay afloat during this pandemic.  Below are links to various loans. If you can answer yes to the question: was my business adversely affected by COVID-19? Please apply for these loans and grants.  

Economic Impact Disaster Loan (EIDL) and $10k Grant

All small businesses, including sole proprietors and independent contractors, can apply.  If you apply for the loan, you are automatically entered to potentially receive the $10k grant. 

Apply on the SBA website. 

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) 

This is a nearly $350-billion program intended to provide American small businesses with eight weeks of cash-flow assistance through 100 percent federally guaranteed loans. All small businesses are eligible. The loan has a maturity rate of 2 years and an interest rate of 1%.  No need to make loan payments for the first six months. The loan can be forgiven and essentially turn into a non-taxable grant. Apply with the bank you do business with.

Below are links to additional resources, loans and grant programs available due to COVID-19:

List of Federal/State and Private Grant and Loan Programs

Working Solutions – COVID-19 Resource Guide for Small Businesses

8 Ways to Generate Revenue When Your Business Doors are Closed

US Treasury – PPP Fact Sheet

What is the Paycheck Protection Program?

State by State COVID-19 Resources Available for Small Businesses

*PLEASE NOTE: This webpage is a guide and should be used as a source for all resources. Information on these links are subject to frequent updates and changes. The information and opinions expressed in written, audio or video format may or may not represent the views and opinions of the Self-eSTEM.